Pokémon & Animal Menageries (Miranda)

http://dreamingoutloud.nl/life-as-i-know-it-63-2/ Pokémon Go is all about collecting wild animals: you roam the countryside trapping defenceless creatures inside tiny balls before bragging to your friends about how many you have.

http://arc-theatre.com/company/productions/2013-singin-in-the-rain/feed/ Historically, these collections of exotic animals, known as menageries, were generally connected to a royal court. For example, the Tower of London housed a royal menagerie for six centuries, housing lions, elephants, leopards and, famously, a polar bear that would be regularly led out of the Tower to catch food and wash itself in the Thames.

You can see a state of the Polar Bear at the Tower of London today and his ghosted is the most sighted...

published here You can see a statue of the Polar Bear at the Tower of London today and his/her ghost is the most sighted. Maybe think twice about packing Tuna sandwiches on your visit to the crown jewels…

These menageries served as a symbol of the wealth and power of the Crown, but were also used for entertainment. Louis XIV used his menageries to entertain courtiers and visiting dignitaries with bloody battles: in 1682 the ambassador of Persia enjoyed the spectacle of a fight to the death between a royal tiger and an elephant. Next time you’re battling your Pokémon at a gym, you should think of Louis XIV!

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