Pokémon & Cryptic Photography (Cesci)

There are lots of examples of fake ghost and monster photography (my personal favourite is the trickster, William Hope have a look on The Public Domain Review for some great spooky goings on)  and I don’t pretend to understand the technology of the Pokémon popping up in your camera, it is the same sort of strange witch magic that makes everyone on snap chat beautiful (magical golden butterfly heads…). However the photographing of strange beasties is closely linked to photography of cryptids, animals thought to be legends.

Many of these are brilliant fakes such as the 1930s Congo TRex ‘The Kasai Rex’, red with black stripes and 43 feet tall made from photos are cut from a magazine.

But some have proven to be real, such as giant squids, Komodo dragons and my FAVOURITE , the Hoan Kiem turtle.

Your best call for looking up Cryptids and brilliant videos of giant squid is the internet as cryptozoology is (whispers) still not really recognised as a science, but here are a couple of fun ones:

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Here is a video of my beloved Hoan Kiem turtle (don’t worry, its says he’s apparently eating a cat but you can’t see it).  The Great grandfather turtle who lived in the lake died in January this year, conservation efforts rest of what the sex is of the only other know wild turtle so it could possibly be mates with a female in captivity but the Hoan Kiem, (if he ever existed at all...) appears to be extinct.