A Podcast Dedicated to Overthinking the Everyday

A Cultural History of.. is a podcast about the cultural, historical, theoretical, sociological and other things ending in ‘al precedents that paved the way for pop culture trends.

Monthly, our resident nerds Miranda Garrett & Cesci Peschier compete with their research-skills to win the heart of a guest enthusiast. After rollicking our way through the rounds, our interviewee will choose the fact they found the most fascinating … and crown our cultural historian of the month! (Yeah! Bet we’re putting that on our CVs!)

If you too have pondered about colonial representation in The Great British Bake Off, the psychogeography of Pokemon Go! or how the marriage plot formula of Jane Austen’s   has been manifested in ITV’s Love island, then we are here to help.

Listen to the Current Episode: A Cultural History of Tidying Up